PrimeTime! For Trainers Masters Class

PrimeTime! For Trainers Core Class grads,

This isn’t Training 101 or even 102 for that matter. SPBT’s PrimeTime! For Trainers Masters Class moves beyond training essentials. Let renowned performance improvement guru, Brian Lange, show you how to tackle tough classroom situations and remove learning barriers. Learn how to ignite participation among reluctant learners and hear from peers who have been in your shoes.

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Dates: December 12-13, 2013
Location: Florham Park, NJ
Time: 9am – 5pm
$1395 for Members / $1570 Non-Members


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About Your Course Instructor

Brian Lange, founder of Perim Consulting, is a performance improvement consultant, trainer and speaker who specializes in management development, organizational development and professional selling.He has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical industry and has helped both large and small companies around the world improve employee performance.

Educated in the business schools of Northeastern University in Boston and the University of California in Riverside, Brian has served as a faculty member of the University of California - San Diego, and on a U.S. Department of Justice Advisory Board on human resource issues. He has published articles in USA Today, Pharmaceutical Representative, and the San Diego Union-Tribune and is an ongoing contributor to SPBT's Focus magazine.


Tackle Tough Situations and Even Tougher Learners Like a Pro

Course Objectives


  • Review key concepts of adult learning and facilitation
  • Discuss recent on-the-job insights and explorations

Strengthen Pre-class Routines

  • Affirm the power of compelling openings
  • Assess the potential and promise of pre-work
  • Prepare for meetings and training initiatives that work!
  • Role execution check-in: placeholder or leader?

Collaborate with Learners:

  • Influence behaviors before training
  • Respond to "challenging" questions
  • Integrate "experienced" and/or "reluctant" learners
  • Create a dialogue structure for raising an issue/concern in private
  • Relinquish the need to know "why" when addressing behavior
  • Suppress the desire to "fix" viewpoints and push-back
  • Get "hired" to share knowledge/advice/coaching
  • Ignite participation, interaction and willing experimentation
  • Practice hands-on training simulations using real-world training materials

Remove Barriers to Learning and Manage the 'Human Dynamic'

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