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SPBT Newsletter — September 2013
+Feature Story: Six Tips to Make Mentoring Work
+Bonus FOCUS: The 7 Deadly Mistakes of Coaching
+Summit Keynote: How About This? Never Be Asked the ROI Question Again
+Giving Back: The Bear Facts
+Webinars: Neuroscience and Maximizing SPBT Benefits
+FOCUS Magazine: Send Your Good News!

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Feature Story: Six Tips to Make Mentoring Work

Knowledge is meant to be shared. That’s more than the cornerstone of all education, it’s a way of doing business that ensures ongoing success for an organization and the individuals who labor there. When it comes to sharing, few relationships offer deeper value than mentoring. By taking part in a mentoring program – either as a mentor or a mentee – an individual’s knowledge and skills are enhanced, and that growth causes a ripple of productivity in all directions.

Hayley Norman certainly knows this. An SPBT member and managing partner with Metajourn, Norman is also the author of "The Career Compass: Mentoring to Point You toward Maximum Professional and Personal Growth.” Norman believes successful mentoring starts with an understanding of the relationship.

"Mentoring is different from supervising or managing in a number of important ways that distinguish successful mentoring relationships from the less successful, "explains Hayley Norman, author "It’s important to know and understand the differences before initiating the relationship.”

Norman shares six tips for becoming a strong mentor. These tips also help you know what to look for in a mentor:

  • A mentor should commit to meeting with mentees on a regular basis.
  • A mentor must communicate openly about successes and failures so that they can model
    similar behavior, or avoid it.
  • A mentor needs to coach mentees as needed on weaknesses or missing skill-sets without
    judgment or discouragement.
  • A mentor will champion the reputation of mentees, recommending them for new and challenging
    assignments and alerting management to their capabilities.
  • A mentor offers guidance and observation but does not attempt to control or manipulate the
    mentee into doing what they think is best.
  • A mentor has to provide professional and emotional support when things do not go as
    planned for mentees. That’s the difference between being a boss and a mentor.

Mentoring can certainly be a mutually beneficial and mutually satisfactory experience. As Norman points out, mentoring provides both sides with insights about themselves, along with the pleasure and satisfaction of watching someone succeed and thrive.

SPBT Mentor Program

Get Involved in Mentoring!

The mentoring relationship is a win-win situation for the mentor and those being mentors. As a mentor, you will strengthen your coaching and leadership skills while helping to propel someone’s careers. As a mentee, you’ll be empowered and prepared to play a strategic and proactive role in your organization.

Those taking part in mentoring also benefit from enhanced skills, broader professional networks and increased availability of professional resources. You should look to get involved as a mentor or a mentee – or both!

SPBT’s Mentoring Program is designed to help you find your mentoring match, no matter which side of the table you’re starting from. To get involved, click below to start by filling out a mentor or mentee survey!

MD&D Trainers Summit
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FREE Webinar—Creating Connections: Neuroscience, Culture and Training Success
Sept 13
FREE Webinar—SPBT Member Benefits: Resources, Solutions & Value
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Sept 19-20
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Bonus FOCUS: The 7 Deadly Mistakes of Coaching

Speaking of what makes mentoring work reminds us there’s another side to every coin. In the current, September 2013, issue of Bonus Focus online articles, author and consultant Eric Kaufmann puts a positive spin on that other side, with an article titled, "The 7 Deadly Mistakes of Coaching.”

Eric outlines the seven common errors and provides a framework for making the most of coaching. Check out this and other Bonus Focus articles in the September 2013 issue! Bonus Focus

MD&D Trainers Summit Keynote:
How About This? Never Be Asked the ROI Question Again

The sometimes-sad reality of training is the inevitable question from leadership: What impact are you having? Or even worse: What’s the ROI for this training? Tracking data certainly makes sense for the business, but tracking the intangibles of training isn’t the easiest of missions.

That truth makes Bill Magagna’s statement all the more enticing: You’ll never be asked the ROI question again.

Backing up a step, Magagna is the director of education and technology solutions for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. Recently, he’s moving education from something that we do to colleagues and customers to something that we create and foster while they do it for themselves. He’s building, in other words, a construct for learning instead of a curriculum.

"Realizing education as something that we continually do in a standard format for everybody at the same time is no longer effective and no longer efficient,” Magagna said. "We all know that change is happening. Those who embrace it and move to that new paradigm are the ones who are going to be truly effective.”

Magagna will be one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Medical Device & Diagnostic Trainers Summit, Oct. 8-9, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency in Indianapolis, IN. In his speech, he’ll further outline the rapidly evolving state of workforce development and education, and offer tips for executing on a vision that requires a new view of training.

To learn more about the MD&D Trainers Summit — Click Here

PrimeTime for Trainers Masters Class

The Bear Facts - SPBT Members Give Back

The Bear Facts - SPBT Members Give Back

SPBT Annual Conference attendees and their 'bear'y cute creations.

Giving Back: The Bear Facts

There’s no question: It feels good to give back. It feels even better when the recipients of that good will are children, especially children facing medical conditions. SPBT members can take a collective bow from a group effort that put smiles on countless faces perhaps most in need of a smile.

At this year’s 42nd SPBT Annual Conference, SPBT members took part in a team-building charity activity that led to the creation of 100 cleverly accessorized teddy bears. The bears were then donated to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, FL.

OK, maybe you know all that from this newsletter or the website (or perhaps you helped create a bear!). But here’s the other side of the story, courtesy of a kind note from Linda Jones, who supervises the Child Life, Music and the Arts program for the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Read More

Webinars: Neuroscience, Culture and Training Success — Friday, Sept. 7
Maximizing Your SPBT Benefits — Friday, Sept. 13

SPBT is happy to offer a pair of webinars this month that will help you learn how to manage success and maximize value. Both events are free and open to you and your colleagues.

First, we’ll wrap up this week with a program starting at 12:30 p.m. ET on Friday, Sept. 6, "Creating Connections: Neuroscience, Culture and Training Success.” The program will help you understand how the science of learning and a learner’s background help impact training. Register Now

Then, at 12:30 p.m. ET on Friday, Sept. 13, we’ll look inward a bit for a program designed to help you make the most of SPBT programs and services. In the webinar, "SPBT Member Benefits: Resources, Solutions and Value,” we’ll help connect you with services and solutions offered by SPBT, allowing you to make the most of your membership. While most valuable for SPBT members, feel free to invite a non-member colleague to learn more about SPBT membership resources. Register Now

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